Rental for the park is $300 per day.  (plus a refundable $50 clean-up deposit)

The photography fee for professionals is $25 per day.  You may take pictures for your own use for free.

Ole Gilliam Mill Park

The park can be rented for a day or the whole weekend.  Popular uses are for family reunions, weddings, motorcycle clubs, church groups.  There are camp sites, a bathroom, a stage with seating, and a kitchen.  

The park is also a popular photography site, there is a small fee for this use as well.

If you are interested in renting the park please contact Jimmy Bass at 919-498-5324.  Jimmy's mailing address is 126 Pickard Rd.  Sanford, NC 27330.  You can check the schedule page on this site for available weekends also.

Individuals are welcome to walk around the park during daylight hours for no fee as long as the park has not been rented for a private event.  Please call the park manager to see if the park is available or look at the "Schedule" page on this website.